Counterfeit shoes – worth the cost?

Counterfeit goods have been around since the start of brands, with global counterfeiting estimated to be worth up to half a trillion dollar a year or 2.5% of all global imports. We’ve all seen lookalike products that are a fraction of the price on street corners, but the counterfeiting business is now not mainly sold through street retailers but from online retailers instead. Continue reading “Counterfeit shoes – worth the cost?”

5 Iconic Pairs of Shoes

Twiggy’s Brogues


The first supermodel was the style icon of the sixties. In 1972 when her manager, photographer Justin de Villeneuve convinced traditional British shoemaker George Cleverly to design brogues for a female audience the result was a black and white brogue with a bow on top that were worn by Twiggy. A traditional shoe worn by farmers in the 1800s suddenly became a fashion item, still worn and loved to this day. Continue reading “5 Iconic Pairs of Shoes”