Vegan Shoe Materials

Veganism is now practiced by around 1% of the population, so thats around 650000 people in the UK. With a belief system based on no animal cruelty a lot of the products taken for granted that can’t be touched by vegan hands. Be sure to check that the manufacturer uses no animal glue to make sure your shoes are vegan friendly. In this blog we look at what materials vegans can wear on their feet.

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5 Popular Shoe Styles For Autumn/Winter 2017

Statement Heels

Hot on the catwalks at the Autumn/Winter shows was the statement heel. Prada showed black satin shoes with a large golden heel encrusted in jewels. Proeza Schouler had some tie up strappy sandals with a large metal heel. Marni had some delicate strappy sandals with a ball heel and Byblos showed purple leather pointed boots with a contrasting 4 inch heel. With these designers taking the plunge into the statement heel world they are a wardrobe must have for Autumn/Winter 2017 Continue reading “5 Popular Shoe Styles For Autumn/Winter 2017”